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            Health & Natural Ingredients


            Protygold? is Sinphar Tianli’s newly developed small molecule (over 80% 200-500Da)

            organic active peptide. It has 9 global / PCT patents, 5 SCI publications, 7 in vivo / in vitro tests, and 1 IRB approved, MCCT,randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study. 

             Protygold? helps to release the BDNF / GDNF neurotrophic factor and promote neuro outgrowth. 

             Improving memory: Through the in vivo Jumping Platform Test, Protygold? can reduce the                  number of mistakes made mice, significantly improve the memory of mice.
            ※ Neuroprotective effect: Protygold? can reduce neuronal cell apoptosis (inhibition of apoptosis proteinsCas-8, Bax&Cas-3).

             Reduce the Tau-GFP induced apoptosis and accumulation of AB.
            ※ Improve sleep quality: The human clinical trials indicates Protygold? can help the elderly and teenageto improve their sleep quality.


            More video introduction on Cistanche Tubulosa extract Memoregain TLCT-Plus

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