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            Health & Natural Ingredients


            Poria cocos extract Lipucan? / Lipucan? WT

            Sinphar Pharmaceutical Group internationalize and modernizing Chinese herbal medicine to make greater contributions to human health. After 20 years of research, we have developed an innovative sport & health ingredient Lipucan?. It is a compounds of Triterpernoid from a medicinal mushroom , Poria cocos. Two specs are available for global customers. Lipucan? and Lipucan? WT (SC certified). Lipucan? has 60 patents in 17 countries worldwide. It is the world's first protein carrier can effectively improve protein absorption (BCAA/arginine), strengthen muscle production genes, increase muscle mass, and strengthen muscle strength.

            Based on functional and clinical tests, Lipucan? proves effectively in:

            ※  Increase collagen absorption. (TWN Patent)

            ※  Immune regulation/enhancing immunity and anti-allergic. (Taiwan health food license claims).

            ※  Global patented anti-pneumonia lung injury. An effective respond to COVID19 (based on current evidences). 

            ※  Helps the absorption of protein, effectively avoiding the loss of skeletal muscle function caused by sarcopenia. (US patent) 

            ※  Increase Myogenin and Myogenin heavy chain/MYHC (US patent)

            ※  Increase BCAA absorption (US patent) 


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